Registration health checks

Ecolab offers you the opportunity to participate in the Health Checks. This is part of the Preventive Medical Examination and it can give you more insight in your health and what you can possibly do to improve your health. The Health Check will take place in a confidential environment. The investigation and what will be discussed during the Health Check will be confidential. There is no feedback of the results or data to your employer or Ecolab. However, an advice can be given to the Ecolab health and safety service provider Human Capital Care for planning a preventive consultation. This consultation is also confidential, without notifying your employer of Ecolab.

The Health Check takes around 50 minutes time and consists of the following tests and measurements:

  • Station 1: biometrics (BMI and waist measurement), blood pressure and cholesterol and glucose (by a small puncture in the finger) (duration: 10 minutes)
  • Station 2: HRV-measurement – insight in stress and relaxation (duration: 10 minutes)
  • Station 3: vision test, hearing test and lung function test (duration: 10 minutes)

Directly after the Health Check you will have a personal consultation of approximately 20 minutes with a lifestyle coach from Bewegen Werkt. During this consultation you will receive an individual report with your physical test results. If you have questions, they will be answered by the lifestyle coach. If necessary, advice will be given to you and the Ecolab health and safety service provider Human Capital Care to plan a preventive consultation for a follow-up. Even this agreement is confidential, without notification to your employer or Ecolab.

The health Checks will take place on the following dates and locations:

  • Monday 6 May – Zutphen
  • Tuesday 7 May – Varsseveld
  • Wednesday 8 May – Factory in Nieuwegein
  • Thursday 9 May – Leiden
  • Friday 10 May – Office in Nieuwegein
  • Wednesday 29 May - Leiden

On this page you can register for the Health Check up to and including 19 April 2019. We would like to ask you to register for at least two moments and block these moments in your calendar. You will receive the definitive time, exact location and necessary information for preparation by e-mail at least one week before the Health Check. Since planning is comprehensive, it will be difficult to reschedule. We trust that you will handle your registered moments and definitive time thoughtfully.

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See you at the Health Check!

Zutphen - Health Check 2019 finished
Varsseveld - Health Check 2019 finished
Factory Nieuwegein - Health Check 2019 finished
Leiden - New day available

Office Nieuwegein - Health Check 2019 finished